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Star Trek: The Original Series Fan Fiction
Welcome to TOSfic, a community for sharing and talking about Star Trek: The Original Series (yes, that's the one with Kirk and Spock and the papier mâché sets) fan fiction.

Some things it's cool to do here:
Post your TOS fics
Read others' TOS fics
Ask for help with TOS fics
Ask for a beta - or offer to beta read TOS fics
Pimp/discuss TOS fics on the net
Offer helpful suggestions

Some things it's NOT cool to do here:
Post/pimp/discuss non-TOS fics
Behave abusively, disrespectfully, or in any other manner that makes you look like a moron.
Post anything that belongs in your personal journal... like, well, personal stuff.
• Star Trek: TOS fics only, please. Stories that are crossovers, i.e. a tie-in of TOS and another fandom, are acceptable.

• Fics, poetry, drabbles, filks, etc. of any length are welcome. If your entry is longer than a drabble (100 words) or a short poem, please put it behind an LJ cut (If you are unsure of how to use an LJ cut, the appropriate FAQ entry is here. You may also want to post long stories over several entries (remember to number the parts!).

• This community allows ALL kinds of fan fiction: gen, het, slash, femslash. Please put explicit warnings on any story that contains violence, adult themes, or anything else that others may find potentially offensive. All fics, poems and drabbles included, that are rated for violence, language or sexual themes should go behind a cut.

• Because of the variety of reading tastes, it would be helpful to head up story posts with the following information:

(include any pairings)
Rating: (the MPAA ratings are still fairly standard, but use any you think are clear)
('cause I know you don't own Trek)
Anything else you think is relevant...

• Old and new TOS stories are welcome, as is cross-posting of fics.

• Pimping of other sites/comms is fine if they are related to TOS fanfic.

• Stories submitted must be your own work. You can pimp others' fics by posting a link or a recommendation.

• All posts must relate in some way to TOS fanfic. Others will be deleted.

• Constructive criticism is welcome. Flaming, or any other type of abuse is not, particularly if the criticism moves from the fic to the author. Personal attacks are not permitted AT ALL.

• Please respect others, even if they disagree with you. IDIC is cool.
tosfic will happily affiliate with related communities (i.e. Star Trek and/or writing comms) and others at the discretion of the community maintainer. You can make your application to become an affiliate here.

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